Le Festin de Vampire.


Though it was not a mistake of god,the protagonist has died and found himself in a white space with his only best friend who claims to be a god. Telling him he can go through a reincarnation only to to find himself having become a vampire girl in a fantasy world!!


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02-03 Subspace training 2

I’m releasing this one early to address the posts by “thatguywhosthere” he is posting the revised version which is not the one that me and mahoutsuki have been doing. The author never finished the revision and stopped 3 years ago at around chapter 02-18 of the unrevised version so I will be continuing to release my translations in order.

Whats better God force or Divine power.
About a one year has passed since the training started. From the results, Areishia was successfully able to get a feel for the capacity of her ability in just 4 days from the start of her training. If its just getting a feel for the capacity of her ability, it can be done relatively easy, but to get practical control requires many years of training. At this stage its enough to be aware of their own ability, but if it can not be then using the ability will be absolutely impossible. According to Black Beauty-san (temporary), the basis is whats most important.

Now she is practicing, youryoku, the handling of God force. Training the ability depends on mental fortitude, which is to say, meditation and self suggestion, which as the name implied Areishia found herself doing nothing at all. Therefore, in order to do more practical training she had to earnestly ask Black Beauty-san.

“Umm… In the same way that I got a sense for magic, I get the feel for God force.”

“Understood. Take my hand and focus the God force over here.”

“I got it.”

Saying that Black Beauty-san took Areishia’s hand and released some God force onto it. As God force is the origin for magic in reality, it can also be used in exercises with magic and sorcery. If you use God force with magic and sorcery, then it can be used at one seventh the normal magic cost.

“So? Did you find anything thing out?”

“Hmm…….Oh? I feel like there’s something foreign in my body. But I also feel peace of mind…?”

In response to Areishia’s question Black Beauty-san says.

“That is most likely the God force. The peace of mind you are feeling is likely, I’m not sure if this is the best explanation…. I think it’s because it’s from the original, or the creator’s.”

“So it’s like that…… I think I’m understanding God force a little better now.”

“So, in that case I believe this stage is a success. While you rest and recover your magic try to remember the sensation you felt….. Oh yes isn’t today is you thirteenth birthday Areishia. Lets go home and rest.”

After being promoted by a smiling Black Beauty-san, the two when back home, which was built within subspace. That aside, Areishia and Black Beauty-san seemed to be talking in a more girly tone, and the atmosphere between them had gotten a little softer. And so Areishia’s training continued….

Since the training had began four and a half years have passed, Areishia was resting in a chair sitting on the house in subspace. No, she was in training even while sitting in the chair. Areishia had her eyes focused on a cup in-front of her and was trying to move it with her ability.

The magic she was trying to use makes movement moment occur where ever it reach’s, but it takes ten seconds to prepare.  Therefore it’s not actually “moment”, it is also completely useless in combat. So  Areishia was trying to make the contradiction of something existing in two places at once,  therefore successful making a movement “moment”. As for Black Beauty-san when she entered sub-space using change she needed around thirty seconds. [[TN Not sure what that has to do with movement moment though.]]

According to Black Beauty’s advice, if you use God force as the trigger for her ability’s the success rate goes up, while God force is the rice, the ability is aware, requiring a clear image of the contradiction. [[TN Rice has to be wrong unless its a saying I’ve not heard before. //黒美さんの助言によれば、能力発動に神力を使えば成功率が上がる様なので、神力を込めつつ、能力を意識して、はっきりと発生させる矛盾を思い浮かべてみる事にした。//]] And the God power, which naturally exists in every universe can be traced to the origin of the God force, is said to be based of the laws, but she did not get too fine of an explanation.

Areishia who had more then ten time the God force she had at the start her training four and a half years ago, applied it to moving the cup.




At the moment Areishia had wished for it, the cup made a big movement and fell. Basically it was a success. At that time Areishia was pleased from the bottom of her heart, as a reward for her three years for training.

“Movement moment successful!!”

“Huh! Is that true!?”

After hearing Areishia’s cry of joy at the moment of success Black Beauty-san rushed to her, hearing her report she gave Areishia a hug.

“A~tsu ………… bitter ~tsu it …… then … have …! you~tsu ……”


“Aa! Sorry ~tsu!! Areicha-chan are you okay!!?”

…… Today is also Areishia’s first day of peace……?

Five and a half years have passed since Areishia had first triggered her ability, had finished a training period totaling to a decade was confident in her own body as well as her movement moment ability. Her magic and God force had both become considerably larger then compared to before her training began.

“Even so it is strange. We’ve spent ten years in here but only a moment has passed outside.”

“That’s true, comparing you tone to a decade ago it’s become quite cute.”

“Shut up don’t say that! ? I didn’t want to fix that!!”

“That’s to be expected.”

Black Beauty-san laughed, while dodging Areishia’s attempt to catch her.

“Still to slow~tsu!!”


Then, Areishia activates a teleport then warps behind Black Beauty-san back and grabs on to her back.

“…… What?”

“Thank you for training me over the past decade. I’m really grateful. Also isn’t it time you told me your name already.”

“Er….Ah, your very welcome. And I won’t tell you my name?”

After saying those thankful words, Black Beauty-san’s unexpected poke came as a surprise.

“Well, its about time we leave! Transition.”

Saying that Black Beauty-san concentrated a huge amount of God force and they transitioned back to the real world. [[TN they call it God world not real world here and on the next line]]

After returning to the real world Areishia immediately asked Black Beauty-san to transition her back to the dorm room. The next training was supposed to be next week. The only problem was,

“Arrival over!!”

“Wa” Kya!!”

Fian had been observing the magic paper that was used for the transition……

“That was mean…… Suddenly appearing all of a sudden…….”

“I was in the wrong. I’m sorry.”

Within Arishia’s brain, she was thinking that it was an simply an accident.

“Still, that was fast. It not even passed two nikoku?” [[TN I think thats a time not hours she was gone for.]]

“That’s because…….”

“…….? Thinking of it the feeling I’m getting from Areishia-san seems to have grown, but why is that?”


“Do I sense some discomfort in you tone…?”

“Uuu…… I’m sorry it was my fault, but can you stop with the probing questions….”

“My questions weren’t particularly probing?”

“There are thorn’s in those words……..”

After spending all night being questioned by Fian, Areishia who had not seen her in a long time was not as glad as she thought she would be but that is probably a different story.

02-02 Subspace training

The second half of this was quite tough for me, so if there are any errors please leave a comment and I will fix it right way. Also I have decided I will try to release at least one chapter every week.

Areishia arrived at the market that had shops lined up on both sides of the road. The stores were selling a variety of good such as food, clothing, weapons, etc. The reason food was being sold was because all the dorm came with a kitchen. But, Areishia and Fian were both hopeless at cooking so they decided to eat at a restaurant. The two women who where shopping for clothes, visited a bookstore, a furniture shop and finally stopped to eat at a restaurant that specialized in seafood.

“I’ve been to this restaurant before. The seafood and wild vegetable soup is delicious.”

“In that case I will have the soup.”

“…… I will also have the soup then.”

Then, without anything special happening. the two finished there meals and went back to the dorm.

Once they had returned to the school dormitory,

“Excuse me…… but what are you doing?”

“Sorcery, magic research.”

” Are you not going to sleep? Even if there is sometime you should correct that before school starts?”

“If I work on it bit by bit is should be OK.”

Areishia was researching sorcery and magic. Back in the mansion this was something she did everyday, it was something she really wanted to do. As is worried Fain there was no helping it.

“Hmm OK then…… I guess I will go to sleep now.”

“Good night.”

Since Areshia had arrived at the school there was something she was curious about. That was why at the age of 12 does she gain the full access to her ability. Having a good command over conflict or to sense what kind of intent someone has, is there no way to train this. [[TN Need help with this last sentence anyone got better //矛盾を操るとは言ってもどの様な感覚を掴めば良いのか全く分からないため、修行のしようが無いのである。//]]

Before she had noticed, Areishia in that white space. But she could not remember having fallen asleep.

“Good evening. I had some important information for you so I used hypnotic magic to force you to sleep.”

“OK, this time I will ask for your name…”

“I will absolutely not tell you my name?”

Within the space that she sometimes finds herself, the black haired beauty-san stated that she will absolutely not tell Areishia her name.

“……so, what is the important news?”

“Umm….. explaining in order, several countries in Makai have already signed a peace treaty. In other word they will not attack each other. Thought I say that, there are also some countries that have not signed the treaty, and some who break the treaty. This time some of the country’s in Makia are going to cooperate and attack disrupting there movements. So for this upcoming battle we would like would like to speed up the development of your ability.”

“But I still can’t use any of my ability……”

While looking at the anxious Areishia, the black hair beauty-san approached her.

“I have added a magic formation to you. I can use that magic formation to raise your magic ability. [[TN is it raise or release. I know shes talking about the seal that’s on her full powers //貴女の魔導書に魔法陣を追加しておいたわ。その魔法陣に魔力を流せば私が引き寄せてあげられるのよ//]] So in order to learn how to use you ability I will let you use my house for some special lessons.”

“Thank you, I have some small things to take care of then I will head straight there.”

Soon after she had said that as if being drawn from somewhere, her consciousness once more fell into darkness.

“Areishi-san! Again! Its morning!!”

Fian raised voice echoed through out the bedroom. The reason for this was simple, no matter how many time she called Areishia would not wake up. Another reason was that she had fallen asleep at her desk.

“Wu…… Another half a day…….”

“Wake upppp!”

“Like I said around noon…..”

After finally being woken by Fian, Areishia had gotten dressed and headed to the restaurant on the first floor of the dormitory. Just like last time, Areishia had ordered what was recommended, without anything of note happening.

Once Areshia had returned to the dorm room, she had added various equipment to the belt and open one with her hand. Just as the black haired beauty-san had said, her magic had increased. In order to confirm this Areishia had gathered together some large sheets of paper with arrays drawn on it. For the sake of efficiency, paper with magic arrays on them are made by copying, of course this was not done with just ordinary paper, it used high quality magic ink which when magic was applied into it the ink would then copy the magic arrays onto the paper below it. [TN I might have to review this one at some point.]

After gathering up the paper, Fian came into Areishia’s room.

“Again…. what are you doing?”

“I’m will be going out for a little today. I will be back by evening…. ?

After saying that she placed some papers on the floor. These had finished being copied with magic and had magic arrays on them. Areishia layered papers on-top of each other and started to put her magic into it.

“Is that transition magic?”

“No, this is different. It’s meant to send someone to a different location. But I am still able to pull them back from the other side.”

Areishia did not had enough magic to use it before, but her magic was now at the second stage. Normal it would take 10 typical magic user to releases this much magic. As for Fian who felt such a strong magic. She was feeling a little overwhelmed.

“Wow…! This is some amazing magical power!! That’s not the magic of a student who was just admitted!!?”

“But its still not reacting…… I guess I should use some more.”


Areishia then released the third stage of her magic. Right after that, white light wraps around Areishia, by the time Fain could focus Areishia had disappeared from where she had been was standing.

When the light subsides, Areishia found herself standing on an impeccable stone floor. With the black haired beauty-san standing right before her eyes.

“Welcome to my home. Then lets get stated immediately!”

“……. This is you home? No matter how you look at it this is……..”

“Yes this is a temple. My room is in the back, that’s were I live.”

Areishia had arrived in the center of a huge temple made of white stone, with high wide ceilings.

“So, first what should I do?”

“For now since we don’t have long I will slowed down space-time. Subspace, time difference, fifty-seven thousand six hundred times,  trigger, transition.”

As black haired beauty-san says that, she lifted her finger close to her chest and concentrated ultra-high density God force into it. A hole in space time was formed from being under the influence of so much God force, only to be reformed within sub-space. She immediately used her magic confirm that it was sub-space. It was a strange place covered with colors, but you couldn’t tell what color it was, nor could you tell what the floor was either. [TN wow that was a tough one. Think I got it right.]

“This is unlike the space between worlds, this is a space that overlaps with an existing space. In the same three-dimensions, yet in another dimension a perfectly safe place…..ah? Also decades can pass in here but only a moment will out there so you can get plenty of training done.”

“What how did you….. no, never mind. What is a rough time comparison. Or is it just fifty-seven thousand six hundred times.”

Was the fifty-seven thousand six hundred times the amount of time it would take to train, or could she can take my time to train with her magic, as well as time to train in God force. [[TN I’m not confident with this //本来の五万七千六百倍もの時間を取れるという事は修行の時間もそれだけ取れるという事であり、時間の経過や修行で得られる魔力や神力なども成長させられるという事であった。//]]  But this was possible because Areishia is an eternal youth.

“That’s right. Now we will come to the God world every day at 10 to train, for a total of 100 years worth of training.”

“100 years huh….. Well, that’s fine. Looking forward to working with you!”

“Good!!….. Then first of all….

After black haired beauty-san said that, Areishia began her training that would last over several decades.

02-01 Arrival At School and Bedtime.

I like this story so I will be releasing chapters but not with any frequency so if anyone whats to pick up the translations please feel free.
02-01 Arrival At School and Bedtime.

January 10 early morning , Areishia arrived at the magic academy. Immediately prior to her arrival at school, the coachman had tried to stab her while she was pretending to sleep. Of course it was easy to avoid just by using her wrist. The coachman was now tied up with rope and been handed over to the guards at the academy entrance. Letter she would learn, the king did not know anything about the coachman’s action. The coachman who claimed to have been sent by the king, probably had been sent by the real assailants.

Anyway, she had finally arrived at the academy and she must first enroll for her first year of school.  She traveled down the long brick road leading away from the entrance, toward a large square with a fountain in the center about fifteen thermes in height. Traveling straight down the path to her right she approved the faculty room with included the facilities staff room and offices.  It is in a tower, you certainly did not have on a house. (EN Not sure about this sentence. //それは塔であり、決して棟では無かった//) At the window to the right of the tower entrance, Areisha looked in and said.

“Where do I go to enroll?”

“Um? Young lady, after going inside there is a room straight ahead of you. You first need to go in there.”

“Thank you. Also don’t call me young lady.”

After listening to the mans instruction, Areisha went towards the entrance and quickly ducked inside.  By the way, she had been talking outside in till now, but because it was still early morning the sun was not strong enough to make her weak.

Areishia was now on the first floor in a back room of the tower where she noticed a line with many people gathered looking at something. At the end of the room was a desk, a person who appeared to be a teacher was looking at documents in order. In fact, a large number of them are non-human. There were those who had pointed ears, and tails growing. Thinking that this in the line to get enrolled, Areisha joined the line.

As the line advanced, it was finally Areishia’s turn. Immediately the dog person at the right side of the desk, called for Areishia.

“Well, next person.”


Being called by the person on the right end of the desk, Areishia walled over to face them.

First can you show me you enrollment papers.

“First of all, please show me the admission documents.”

“…… you mean this?”

Areishia handed the person the papers.  Amoung the papers was the letter of recommendation she had received from the king, along with Areishia’s personal information. As the man read the papers, sometime he would let out a “Ho-ya” or “Uh-huh”, finally Areishia was handed some paper’s and a thin metal place.

“Be careful of that plate, that is something called a academy ID card, make sure you don’t loose it.  That paper will tell you were to go next. You will also need the papers to find your dorm room. (EN another one I’m not sure about. //あと寮の部屋もその学園証に書かれているからね.//)… Oh, also. I’m one of your Teachers my name is Fizz-Eireru. Also as we might meet again on campus best regards.

“Thank you.”

After responding to those word Areisha immediately moved away from the desk.

Since she had finished enrolling in the school she left to get a better idea of the school, leaving the faculty room and started walking toward the dorm. Looking at a map of the school, it was a straight line to the dormitory from the faculty room. From looking at the map the first surprise was the size of the school. To the east was the school entrance, in the center was the Square with the fountain, and to the west was the innermost part of the school were many of the student’s would study. To the north was the faculty room and to the south was the dormitory. Furthermore around the school was four arena’s for magic practice, a school branch of the Guild, a market for shopping, without leaving the school most thing could be acquired. This is because the closest town to the school would take three hours by horse-drawn carriage.

After walking for quarter of an hour, she had finally arrived at the lobby of the dorm. According to Fizz-sensei, she would need the papers to find her dormitory room.

Looking at the papers, written at the bottom was “Dormitory number D204”, along side her name. This was most likely the room number for the dormitory. This most likely means that the room was on the second floor, and that the D refereed to this entire dorm a D.

After taking the magic elevator to the second floor of form D, Areishia stood in front of the Room at the innermost end of the corridor. After inserting the school ID to the right of the door, similar to at a hotel, the door slowly opened. A voice then called out from inside.

“Who’s there?”

“…… What is this a double room?”

From inside the room came a girl in a light blue dress, brown hair with cat ears, giving of a princess like feeling. Her height even with her cat ears was slightly lower then Areishai, and her hair just a little under her shoulders.

“Are perhaps the person who will be living in this room with me?”

“It would appear so… I’m Areishia-Latrommia. Best regards going forward”

“Ah, I called Fian-Enlaces. Pleasure to meet you.”

After bowing Fian prompted Areshia into the living room, Areishia and Fian sat around a desk and continued to talk.

“So, Fian’s what grade are you in now?”

“I just arrived the day before yesterday. I think that I’m probably a first year.”

“In other words we’re in the same year…… so what should we do now?”

“According to the papers I got from the teacher after one week there is a class selection examination, until then it’s free.”

Areishia understood what she meant, and found herself quickly falling asleep in the couch.

“Excuse me, but whats wrong…?”

“I’m sleepy so I’m going to sleep. I want to look around the school but I’ll wait till evening.”

“Ee!? But it’s still morning?”

“I’m a vampire. And because I was forced to stay awake until I reached the magic academy I haven’t got any sleep all day. Good night.”

“You’re a vampire… if your happy with me I don’t mind donating blood?”

But the kind words Fian spoke did not reach Areishia’s ears, but Fian was quite serious about letting Areishia suck her blood.

“Areishia-san, it’s morning no… its evening!”

“Um… Another half an hour…”

“It time to wake up!”

After Fian had final woken Areishia up she reached into her own bag and took out a black dress and her magic certificate. This was of course for preparation’s for going out.  The black dress was Nadia’s hobby, but after years of wearing it she had gotten use to it. As Areishia started changing Fian started talking.

“A good place to go would be the school market. I also what to do some shopping.”

“That’s true I also have thing I want to buy lets have a quick look…”


“What is it?”

“We are both girls so why are you hiding while getting changed?”

“Because …! It’s Because …!”

After she had finished changing clothes, Areishis put her purse and magic drug holder on her belt and heads to the entrance.  (EN I think drug holders wrong can anyone confirm //着替えを済ませ、魔導書を手に持ち財布や魔法薬ホルダーを腰のベルトに付けたアレイシアは玄関へと向かう//). In front of the entrance Fian was already waiting.

“A black dress with a belt is fashionable….I will use it as reference….”

“This is more or less how I always look.”

“Hee, is that so.”

“That’s right. There not much time so we should get going.”

“Aaaa..Please wait!”

Immediately after Areishia went out the door, Fian hurried to catch up to her.

Set Collection (Person, Magic, Sorcery, Race)

This was to easy to pass up.


Set Collection (person, magic magic, race)
Since it could have been any shortage of explanation in places.
I was Kaiko because there was a mistake ※

☆ Person …… Or, was it Vampire.

Name: Alysia Melvina Latrommia.
Race: vampire, eternal youth.
Sex: Female.
Age: Twelve years of age, body age fixed here.
Birth: January 7.
Height: Five-four Thermes, one hundred thirty-five centimeter.
Weight: Can not read if you are steeped in blood.
Appearance: Long black hair reaching the hip, dark red eye, white clean skin.
Note: Previous life was a normal junior high school student named Higashi-ji,
Perhaps because of that, I hate the feminine behavior.
Although not yet available, you have the ability to the extent that manipulate the contradiction (laughs).
Often dressed in black dress mothers preference.

Name: Nadia Ratoromia.
Race: Vampire.
Sex: Female.
Age: One hundred thirty-eight-year-old, fourteen-year-old body age.
Birth: January 3.
Height: Six Thermes, hundred and fifty centimeters.
Weight: Can not read because it is burnt black.
Appearance: Blonde hair a little about under the shoulder, Benime white skin.
Note: Often wear a black dress matching set with daughter.
She had a pretty daughter complex, namely daughter love syndrome.

Name: Orasu-Ratoromia.
Race: Vampire.
Gender: Male.
Age: One hundred forty-one years of age, body age fourteen-year-old.
Birth: May 20.
Height: Six-two Thermes, one hundred fifty-five centimeters.
Weight: Nine Maltz, forty-five kg.
Appearance: Brown Hair that has been trimmed to just above shoulder, Benime white skin.

☆ About Witchcraft

Magic: Alteration or move objects present. Hypnosis, Nenhanashi, such as remote control of the substance.

Sorcery: To cause a phenomenon. Such as create fire or wind.

It has become a popular to practice both magic recently.

Of the ancient language that is used to chant, most commonly used Enguraishia word and English are almost the same.

According to a book of material, for more than a thousand years, someone from another world cooperate with hundreds of witches, and was successful in running the procedure of the different world transition. Magic was not too popular at the time, and as more people used it the chant in Enguraishia, was carried out across the world incorporating the new concept of procedures by symbol. Now everyone call that person and wise man.

There are many different strains in magic. Newline attributes are derived and applied in each lineage.

Basic system ~
Fire, Water, Wind
Ice, thunder

Top system ~
Light, Darkness

Unknown ~
Space, Creation
Time, Destruction

In addition, God and many spirits of one poster have each of the attributes present.

☆ About Race

Human species
Dwarf, Human, Giant

Spirit species
Spirits, Fairies, Elves

Beast race
Dog people, Cat people, Snake people, Horse people, Birdman, Tatsuto etc.

Vampire, demon, monster, Asmodian, God group etc….

01-06 to school

This is my first attempt I did this manly because mahoutsuki had to drop it and left it in a cliffhanger I may do more but it will depend on my mood.


01-06 to school

When Areishia woke up it was already midnight around 16 o’clock. As for the people sleeping, nobody is yet up.

Areishia lifts up a heavy body and confirms the health. Thorough a small hole in her black dress she could see, white skin marked with blood which convinced her that she was an eternal youth. Certainly, there was no sign of the sword that had pierced through her chest. As expected, it is surprising that after becoming eternal youth she was able to cure a hole in the heart. Though it should be mentioned that being an eternal youth is not the same as being immortal.

Although becoming an eternal youth means that no matter what there will be no more growth in height, but for now she decided to wake everyone who was sleeping by unraveling the hypnotic magic. This hypnotic magic was triggered by installing magic circles in four direction, if these are canceled then magic will be released. As for a way to cancel the magic circles if a large amount of magic is put into a circle it will be destroyed. The first thing is to start looking for the magic circles.

Areishia succeeded in canceling four magic square immediately after all the magic circles was installed in the place that was considerably easy to find. Then the sleeping people began to wake one after another, Areishia was then barraged with questions from her parents…

At dawn on January 9th, today is the day Areishia left for magic school, normal Areishia would be asleep at the time but instead was riding in a horse-drawn carriage. In regards to the recent attack, as the king sent a normal letter regarding attending school so it can be assumed that the king had no direct involvement with the raid. As for the people who tried to kill Areishia mentioned something about the king, Areisha had become somewhat concerned that the king might have been planing something. But of course vigilance should not be neglected.

(Not sure about that last but // アレイシアを殺したつもりになっている人が国王について何かを言っていたため、国王が計画を立てたのかもしれないと懸念していたアレイシアは何処か安心した様だった。勿論それでも警戒は怠らない。//)

(Edited thanks to Anon.)

“Mother, Father I’ll be going… sleepy”

“Why don’t you get some sleep in the carriage?”

“No way… the carriage and the coachman have been provided by the king and are suspicious.”

“Becoming so skeptical…”

Because of Areishia alertness her parents were worried but as there had been an attempt on her life they saw it as unavoidable.

“Anyway do you best at school! Have a safe trip!”

“I got it, I’ll be careful.”

The carriage slowly starts moving in response to the voices. A full day on the road, thinking about what kinds of things were waiting for her at school Areisha held great expectations.